TaTa Tu-Tus

I was given a selection of freshly grown gerberas by our local growers Thornton Brothers Roses, of Thirlmere, to create some artwork for them. This artwork  shown was the result of a many creations. Photographing bright coloured flowers agains a vivid white  panel as the background proved more difficult than I thought. I learnt a lot about the light meter settings on my camera. Eventually I was achieving results where I kept the detail and colour in the flowers as well as a vivid white background.  This arrangement of the flowers enabled the creation of "TaTa Tu-tus"  I added the bodice to the flower some black stocking and hung each garment on a coat hanger on a washing line, all blowing in the breeze, with a couple falling off!

Custom size canvas available on request to suit aspect ratio of artwork.

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