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Arikai Reverse Art Catalogue 2012-16  - Click here to view
The catalogue shows all the artwork, some with the a description, all with original photographs used as the background for the artwork. 







The Rocks Market

Next market attendance will be notified


Glenbrook  Rotary artisan Market.

3rd Saturday of the month,  8 - 2pm.  


Cobbitty Markets

1st  Saturday of the month   8am to 1pm. 


Bundanoon Makers Market.

3rd Sunday of the month 8.30am -2.00pm in the shire hall . 


Picton Markets

1st Sunday of the month.  Menangle St.  Picton


The Old Bus Depot Markets - Canberra

2nd Sunday of the month 10am-4pm.  next attendance TBA

Hills Artisan Market . Castle Hill.

Showground Rd.   Castle Hill. 

4th Saturday of the month .   8am-12pm. 


Berrima Public School Market

4th Sunday of the month    9am - 2pm No attendance in 24th september


Wallabadah Public school 150th anniversary

30th september 2017   9.30 - 3.30pm.


Tahmoor anglican church market

Thirlmere way. Tahmoor

Saturday  9th august  8am -1pm

SALE  of small artworks in frames, mugs birthday calenders  slightlly damages canvases that have been on display at the markets. Small artmounts , Studio clearance


Picton valley motel

1665 Remembrance Drive. Picton NSW 2571

 A selection of  artwork for sale in the Restaurant please ask the management of the motel Lana or Matt,to show you through if restaurant is close


 News Paper press release


B.D.A.S. Gallery September 3 - 8th  2015





 B.D.A.S. Gallery September 12-17th 2013

Local artists had a very successful exhibition at the Bowral District Art Society Gallery.

Els Dirickx, with her “Arikai Reverse Art “, and her friends Tonny and Wendy de Paauw had an amazing range of art works on display.

Their varied styles included Wendy’s beautifully detailed paintings of dramatic sea cliffs and birds, Tonny’s detailed calligraphy and paper sculpture of birds, people, objects in nature and intertwined initials.

The very new, unique and original “Reverse Art” by Els Dirickx proved to be extremely popular.

The exhibition was very well attended with lots of people coming and going on all 6 days. Sales were consistent and very rewarding beyond all expectations.

It seems that Els Dirickx has the ability to see images in all forms of nature in the Australian bush, and on objects affected by nature.

Els has always had a keen interest in photography, an amazing imagination, together with her ability to design and draw, enabling her to bring out these images she sees in nature. All together, this forms the basis of the reverse art concept.

She has 2 beautiful, almost 5 years old, twin boy grandchildren, who love painting - especially when Els adds a little detail to their efforts, enough to bring out comical faces and animals in their works.

The name “Arikai” is the combined name of the twin’s names, Ari and Kai Dirickx who started the whole concept.

Els quickly realised she could do the same with images she has seen in the bush and elsewhere. For example: split firewood, tree bark, rocks, plants, old rusty metal from trucks, old farm machinery, scap metal, and amazingly, burnt out cars.

As she has always had an interest in photography and a fascination for details in nature, now, by combining these interests - using computer graphic methods - with a quirky loose sketchy style of drawing over these naturally occurring images, she has brought to life the wonderfull world she can see that others can not.

Her skills as a professional interior designer, spanning a career of over 35 years, has culminated in a superb presentation of her work in the very atmospheric and intimate BDAS Art Gallery.

Such words as: ‘unique’, ‘imaginative’, ‘original’, ‘quirky’ and ‘clever’ were most often heard from the many admiring people who attended the exhibition, to describe her art when asked to do so.

When asked what she put her unusual ability down to, Els replied:

“ I’m not sure, I’ve always looked at nature differently to others. Often, I remember seeing images in the clouds, in bark, the textures of the desert, burnt bush, scrap metal and many other organic items, and see unrelated things going on.”

“Now, with a small amount of help, I can present these images in such a way that allows others to appreciate them, as I have done. It is extemely satisfying to hear the comments from people on leaving the exhibition, with a smile on their face, that from now on they will always look at trees etc., in a different way”.“How many works did you sell”?”Sales were very good. I don’t know yet for certain, but it is over 30 works at least, with another day to go. Put it this way – I’m very please indeed!”

“The works sold themselves! “ Mrs Dirickx concluded with a smile.