Product specifications



Printed Artworks are available on stretched Canvas. 

STANDARD SIZES  12" x 24"   16 x 24"   16 x 32"   24" X 24"  36" x 24". 

All are 40mm thick.  Other sizes available on request.


Limited edition artworks are printed on A4 sheets of Epson photographic paper  the Aspect ratio of the artworks determines the size of the print in the art mount. The finished  art mount is a standard size  12" x 16"  It is cellophane wrapped, ready for you to frame in a standard 12" x 16" frame, readily commercially available. 

Some artworks are available as 12" x 12" square, cellophane wrapped ready to fi into a 12" square standard frame.

Special size art mounts are available on request.


All artwork is available  as printed stretched canvas using archival canvas and archival inks. 

Stretcher bar is 40mm, thick with a black wrap, white wrap is available.

Most common sizes for stretched canvases are

RECTANGULAR Aspect ratio of 2 x 3 in landscape and portrait format.

Sizes include: 16" x 24",   20" x 30",   24" x 36"

PANORAMIC Aspect ratio 2 x 1 in  landscape and portrait format.

Sizes include:    12" x 24",  16" x 32",  20" x 40 ".

SQUARE sizes:  ,  18" x 18",  24 x 24",  28" x 28"  30" x 30"

Please note not all artwork can be enlarged.

Please ask about other sizing if it is not listed.

Experimental prints have also been presented as metal prints, acrylic prints,  prints mounted on back of glass and  also framed prints available on request only

Please phone Els Dirickx for prices and sizes available  0401633225   

OR  email: