Grandchildren's Art. Ari & Kai

This artwork by Ari and Kai was created when they were 3 and a half years old. I gave them all sorts of pallets, plywood, a glass panel, card board chunks of rough cut slabs of timber and firewood,  metal off cuts and many other bits of material we found around our shed and property. They were given large tubes of bright coloured acrylic paint, dishes for the different  coloured paint, brushes,  pallet knives spatchulas, buckets of water, and rollers and even paint filled water pistols.

They had great fun while painting but too tired to clean up. This always took longer than the artwork activity itself.

I have  included in this category the work the children did during their early eager painting fun time. some works are titled as I have added details to them to create new artwork otherwise not seen.

I have also added artworks that have been cropped out of their work which has not  had anything added to it.  and are not titled other than their image number from the camera.