Jittering Gerberas outback practice

I was given a selection of freshly grown gerberas by our local growers Thornton Brothers Roses, of Thirlmere, to create some artwork for them. This artwork  shown was the result of a many creations.  The vivid colours of the flowers were so bright that I thought that this background of a rusty old veggie trough would be perfect. The day I photographed these, the light of a still clear winters day was perfect, with the shadows being sharp and crisp. Playing with the stems of the gerberas and placing extra stems from spare flowers, added to the composition of the dancers in the outback. Their bodies were added using the photoshop paint brush. The moonlit sky set the outback scene.   This artwork can be split into 3 panels either on canvas or aluminium . Ask Els about other sizes.

Custom size canvas available on request to suit aspect ratio of artwork.