Beer O'clock at the Barn. Rev D. Australian original art print.

During our holiday at the Flinders Ranges in SA. 2015 we visited a remote station where there where old out buildings.  Alongside one of these  was an old fuel drum on a stand. On close inspection the colour and texture presented itself as a beautiful background for an outback landscape. Seeing a small yellow timber house amongst the different colours set the scene for this remote farm with a barn, and what happens when the sun goes down? its "Beer O'clock at the Barn"!  Detail was added to the photograph to create this artwork.  The purple colour on the drum became the basis for the Jacarandas. The pipe on the left became the light post  and you can also see the man leaning up against the barn with a pile of white sand nearby.

Custom size canvas available on request to suit aspect ratio of artwork.

NOTE: A copy of the original photo is included and is attached to the back of the artmount.