Seagulls waiting for lunch. Australian original art print.

The bark of an angophora tree has many beautiful muted colours when dry. The texture can be very subtle as is shown in this photo.  The lines are simple and elegant. The location of the two small dark markings on the tree looked like fishermen so by adding  the rods and the seagulls in a line in the foreground, it looked like they were waiting for the fish to be caught and consequently get their lunch.  The white bleached effect of the sun on the tree  I photographed, created the realistic image of the sea water once the photo was rotated to form a landscape.

NOTE: A copy of the original photo is included and is attached to the back of the artmount.

Custom size canvas print available.  contact Els Dirickx 0401633225

“Stranded fishermen” is a partner. Artwork.