Knitting Kitten. Australian original art prints.

This floorboard has a checkered history. It is a 100+ years old and originally was the floor in an old Federation house in Hornsby. The house was demolished in 1980. The floor was chainsawed out of the house during demolition, then loaded on a car trailer and towed by a Datsun 1000 to Thirlmere. (with some scary) moments. The floor panels became a temporary floor under a tent, while building our home. After that it became our shed floor where this "Knitting Kitten" happily supervises the work carried out in the shed today. The knot became the starting canvas for this artwork. By adding the ball of wool, tangled in the kitten's paws and in the garment on the needles, the composition was completed.

NOTE: A copy of the original photo is included and is attached to the back of the artmount.

Custom size canvas print available.  contact Els Dirickx 0401633225