Lady with a violin. Australian original art prints.

 One evening my husband was preparing dinner. On his cutting board I found a Spanish onion just cut in half. I said to Tony "look at that face in the onion! I promptly took the onions away to Tony's dismay. I found a white piece of paper, stood one half of the onion on it and lit it with a desk light. The shadow it cast looked like her dress. I photographed  both halves of the onion. Viewing the photos on the computer the characters were very obvious. This one called a "Lady with a violin", came about as a result of her stance and the shadow colour. All I needed to do was add the violin, legs and facial detail.  The colour of the artificial light helped create the atmosphere.

Available as 12" x 16 " Artmount .

NOTE: A copy of the original photo is included and is attached to the back of the artmount.

Available on stretched Canvas. Contact Els for pricing

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