Rough Seas. Rev B. Australian original art print.

 On  the way to the shops there was local roadworks which I had to drive over, consequently mud splattered on my freshly washed car. I parked it at the shops and on my return, the sun was high lighting the dried up white mud. I could see the stormy ocean scene with the wet seagulls and sea spray as the fly off the water.. Fortunately, my camera was by my side so that I could capture the image at the time. The junction of the two doors became the mast of a sailing boat which I added. The running rail at the bottom of the car became a fence on the coast road. I added the girl in a yellow raincoat, with her bread basket to feed the seagulls.

NOTE: A copy of the original photo is included and is attached to the back of the artmount.

Custom size canvas print available.  contact Els Dirickx 0401633225

Other images  with mud on our car door includes.

"Making hay while the sun shines"

"Lots and lots of fish"