Bridal waltz

 I was given a bunch of flowers to photograph amongst which was an oriental lily. After I had taken photos they stayed in the vase  until one day I noticed that the leaves and the petal had dried up and fallen on the table cloth. The morning sun was shining in the window highlighting the texture and colours. Seeing the  beautiful detail in them I realised that they would make great people with fantastic swirling dress, In fact  they resembled oriental ladies. With this in mind I set up a series of leaves and petals on butter paper. this resulted in many  artworks as variations on the theme.  This dried petal and  leaf looked like a  bridal couple with the veil blowing in the wind  wrapping itself around the groom. by adding facial details,  veil details and shoes,  and some landscape features.

The partners to this one is "Lady with a Parasol"  Lady with a parasol" "Desert dancers".